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Application Requirements:

$60 non-refundable application fee.  Each person 18 years of age and older must submit a

separate application. 


Application Payment Options:

Check payment (EFT) with a $2.00 processing fee

Personal checks will not be accepted


An application can be submitted online at It can take 48-72 business hours to complete an application.  The time can be extended if any additional documents or information is needed.  We will continue processing new applications until all documentation is received.


The following documents must be submitted before processing an application:

  • Application fee

  • Completed application

  • Verifiable proof of income that shows income of at least 3x monthly rent

  • Color copy of a Government issued ID

  • Verifiable rental history and/or mtg payments


Documents must be attached to the application or emailed to

No property will be taken off the market until an approved application is received and earnest money paid.  Applications are received on a first-come, first served basis according to the order in which it is received.  In the rare cases when applications and all documents are received from more than one application simultaneously or nearly so (in general, within the same business day), JPMac Properties will reserve the property for the strongest applicant based on credit, income, employment, criminal background, and rental history.

Online Application

All persons age 18+ who will live in the property, must complete an application. No exceptions. All applications are done online, through the "Apply Online" link at the top of this page.


All rental applicants must submit a clear color copy of government ID. The ID must be current and valid, and all numbers must be clearly visible. Most applicants simply snap a picture of the ID with their phones and upload that.

Proof of Income / Employment

It is required to submit current proof of verifiable income of at least 3 times the amount of rent a month.

We no longer accept a cosigner.

This can be (but is not limited to):

  • 2 most recent pay stubs

  • Monthly bank statements with deposit history showing where the deposits came from and who the statements belong to.

  • Job transfer letter

  • Self employed - Last year's tax return and proof of income in the last 3 months.   

  • Moving to the area for a job? Signed acceptance letter showing start date and income.  Proof of employment prior to arriving

If employment is less than 1 year, proof of prior employment may be asked.  An applicant may need an increased security deposit for approval and/or could be denied if employment is less than 1 year.

Credit History

We do not approve applicants with:

*Unpaid utility bills, unpaid landlord debt, unpaid payday / personal loan debt (Proof of receipt and/or resolved statements may be submitted for consideration).

*Car repossessions in the past 3 years

*Credit scores below 600

*Late debt payments over the past 6 months.

Note: We do not use credit scores from sources like "Credit Karma" or "MyFico.” We process credit reports through Transunion.

Rental History

We do not approve applicants with eviction filings within the last 5 years. Applicants must not have any unpaid debt to previous landlords or property managers. Rental history must be verifiable. You can help speed this process up by submitting a current copy of your lease, your notice to vacate to your current landlord and a copy of your current rent ledger.  

Applicants with no rental history or more than 3 late rent payments in the past year may need an increased security deposit for approval and/or could be denied.

Criminal History

We do not approve applicants with history of offenses of bodily harm, theft, larceny, illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, or intentional damage or destruction of property (for example, "arson"), within the past 10 years. We may also decline applicants with any sexual related offenses from any time period. We do not approve registered sex offenders, or anyone with active, unresolved criminal cases. 

Pet & Animal Policies

Not all properties are pet friendly.  Be sure to verify that the property you are interested in is open to allow your pet.  We use a 3rd party pet screening company called PetScreening. 


PetScreening is a simple and secure way to manage important information about your Pet or Assistance Animal.  The pet application fee is $20 for the first pet and $15 for every additional pet. Each pet application must be processed separately, the discount will be automatically applied to additional pet applications.

There is no charge ($0) for submitting a reasonable accommodation request for an assistance animal. It will be reviewed by our legal review team per the FHAct guidelines. Please be aware of your state’s statutes or local ordinances, if any, for criminal offenses and/or penalties for committing assistance animal fraud.


We take all aspects of the application into account. We process completed applications in the order received. A completed application means all supporting documents were received. If one application is missing something, and another application comes in complete, we will process the completed application first.

False statements on any application = automatic decline. *** If an application comes with multiple applicants and 1 applicant is not approved the entire application is denied. ***

Application Fees

$60 application fees are non-refundable. It is up to the applicant to submit completed, verifiable documents and information.

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