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Property Management Services


JPMac Properties specializes in end-to-end management of residential properties. 

We are not sales agents who also manage rental property.  Property management in Greenville and the surrounding area is all we do. Professional and experienced leasing agents will provide front-line support to tenants on behalf of the property owner. JPMac Properties is the sole point of contact for all Tenants and Owners.

Tenant Screening

Tired of dealing with evictions or trouble tenants? Leave it up to us!  Our extensive tenant screening helps us provide our clients with suitable tenants.  


- Credit Reports

- Criminal Background

- Rental History

- Income and Employment Verification


Greenville's rental market is booming!  There are way more people looking to rent than properties available.  We want to get your property in front of as many people as possible.  To do that:

- Each property has a section on our website

- We market on a variety of websites including but not limited to,, Marketplace and

- Social Media

- Email Distribution

Payments & Accounting

Owners Portal: Our clients are able to log into their Owner's Portal 24/7 to view more then 20 different financial statements, inspection reports and important documents. 


Monthly: On the 10th of the month rental statements are mailed or emailed out.  This statement shows exactly what went on that month; expenses in and out with dates and invoices.


Annually: In January you will receive an income statement for the entire year showing exactly what went on with your properties and a 1099.  




Maintenance is one of the most frustrating things for property owners.  We know every situation is different.  We sit down with our clients to come up with a maintenance plan to fit everyone's needs.  We are available 24/7 to handle those late night emergencies as they may arise.

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